Legal Fees

Most law firms charge their clients at rates of hundreds of dollars per hour. At Miles Law, we believe you should know what you’re paying before you decide to retain an attorney. That’s why we offer flat fees for our legal services instead of expensive and unpredictable hourly rates.

What is a flat fee?

This means you pay one simple flat fee at the end of legal representation.

Matters that require for intensive involvement may be subject to additional charges.

How much are your flat fees?

Unfortunately, we cannot quote set legal fees on this website. One client’s case can vary greatly in difficulty and complexity from another’s. In order to be fair, we quote our fees after the initial consultation with each client. From there, the client can decide whether to retain our firm.

What about the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is always free. Send us a message by clicking here or call us at (201) 503-5698.